What does living intentionally mean?

I’m going to make a list of a few things living intentionally will mean to me. These are a mix of ways I want to live intentionally and goals / hopes of results of living intentionally.

  • taking advantage of down time
  • going for small walks
  • reading a book
  • sitting in silence
  • when the time comes to do work, focus on it and get it done efficiently
  • this should help leave more time for doing things that fulfill me, and decrease the amount of time I spend thinking about what I should be doing instead of being present.
  • using free time for improving lifestyle habits
  • meal planning
  • Excercise
  • buying/consuming vegetables 😛
  • finding a job that I love and helps me to grow
  • buying a house somewhere that makes me happy
  • ensuring the time that I spend with others is truly quality time
  • making the effort to phone friends and family and stay connected

I think that’s a good start.

What are ways that you choose to live intentionally? What are the results you want from your living?


Exercise away the bad feels!

I was having a difficult time today.

I had a rough weekend for calories. Our social interactions so often revolve around food, and I had a particularly social weekend! From Friday through Sunday I had four meals in restaurants. Not great for the pocketbook or the waistline. Before I know it I’ll need bigger pants but won’t be able to afford them!

While I very much enjoyed the food and the company, I was having a difficult time today because I knew I went so far over my calories yesterday that today would have to be very disciplined to offset my calorie surplus for this week. I ate my breakfast in the car as I knew I would be out for lunch again later.

I had a meeting in the afternoon and I got home drained and tired, knowing I would have to work out if I wanted to have a good weight loss week. I put off working out for two hours before finally dragging my sorry butt up to the treadmill in my building’s communal workout room closet.

Not only did the run help me to curb my cravings but I feel amazing. It really boosted my mental health.

Why is it so hard to think ahead to how good exercise will make you feel? Instead so often I feel the weight if my limbs and laziness and I can’t get off my sorry ars just to burn a few hundred calories.

All in all though goodness prevailed and I only went over my weekly calorie goal by 69 calories. And it just would not be fair to my manhood or middle school sense of humor to do anything to change that number.

Happy weight loss!