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One of the things I’ve struggled with most is finding time to cook and eat home cooked meals.  I’ve tried to find books or websites to give me long term meal plans but I haven’t found any.  So I gathered a bunch of slow cooker meals and created a master shopping list from them.  I went to Costco, spent $600 on supplies, then prepped food for 2 hours.  I haven’t needed to eat at a restaurant for 2 weeks and my freezer is full.

If anyone has a tip on “healthier” slow cooker/quickly prepared meals I’m game.  I love what I’ve done but it is a LOT of meat!  Haha.  Anyway, I thought I’d share it here so others can benefit 🙂

You’ll find the “Master Shopping List” at the bottom.  I omitted some common household items like Salt and Pepper from the shopping list. 

Here is a link to the document on Drop Box

Happy cooking!


Kombucha Hangover

I don’t know what Kombucha is.  Or at least I didn’t.  But I went in to a Planet Organic looking for something to eat that would make me feel healthy, and I ended up buying a raw organic drink called “Synergy” which has Black Chia in it and is a Kombucha drink.  I also bought a bag of organic apples (which were delicious).

I enjoyed the drink – it came in a 480ml bottle, and serving size was 240ml.  It is pretty low-cal so I felt I could drink the whole bottle.

I finished it and started feeling… drunk.  I knew enough about Kombucha to know it’s alcoholic, but less than 1%, and this is sold in a grocery store so I figured it must be less than 0,5%…  It wouldn’t make sense to me that I’d be drunk.

Anyway after some brief internet research I decided I must be feeling a “healing crisis” (source).  I have no doubt that my body is “toxic” as I’ve never done a cleanse or detoxified before.

This morning I woke up with a terrible headache, and I’ve been extremely emotional all day.

Has anyone else experienced this?  What should I do?  I wouldn’t mind detoxing with Kombucha but I cannot take these side effects for any length of time.  I realize I should cut my dose significantly if I continue, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Chinese food is possibly the most calorie intensive food in existence. Yikes!

Chinese food will have to fall under the “very occasional” category from now on. Sad when it tastes so good. But I’m also finding my body is more sensitive to feeling good/bad based on what I’m eating.

Is it possible that before I was being health minded my body just felt bad all the time? And now I just notice by contrast because I’m eating better overall? Makes sense to me.

Well Chinese food, it’s been a good run. But I think the time has indeed come to say goodbye.


Man, brunch is a beast!  Everyone loves brunch, but I’m trying to lose weight here.

I have had brunch in the last two weeks and it has been as educational as it has been calorie intensive.  Both instances I was very conscious about what went on my plate.  I held back.  Were I not trying to lose weight, man would that buffet had suffered.

On my first foray into brunch this month here is what my meal looked like:


Total Calories: 1,031

Wow!  That’s a lot of calories for one meal.  Especially when I felt like I really held back.  I mean, who wouldn’t want an ENTIRE plate of waffles, and an ENTIRE plate of eggs and sausage and beef and potatoes PLUS fruit PLUS dessert?  I’m salivating.  Brunch buffets are like Hotel California.  “This could be heaven or this could be hell”.

Determined to learn from my mistakes, I vowed to be smarter the second time around.  I would avoid Eggs Benedict. I would fill up on vegetables.  I would try to avoid “throw away” calories on things I don’t really want.  Here’s how it looked:


Total Calories: 1,375


Brunch is hard.

What I did differently though in the second instance, was I didn’t eat breakfast before hand, whereas on the first day I had eaten a 500 calorie meal of oatmeal and banana. So although I ate 300 calories more on day 2, I ended up much more favorable in the net-calories department at the end of the day.

A weird quirk of dieting is that although I’m at a net calorie deficit at the end of each day I’m actually starting to feel less hungry than when I was eating 3500 calories a day and not even caring.  It’s funny how life in moderation can end up being more satisfying.

Happy dieting, friends!

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There’s been increased attention to wheat.  More and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease, or an intolerance for gluten.  But is wheat in general healthy?

I got a new book as a gift from my dad who has gone on his own crusade.  Wheat Belly, by William Davis, M.D. argues that wheat has become unhealthy due to generations of genetically modified wheat.  You can read more about Wheat Belly here:

I started to cut back on wheat, without making a concerted effort, and I realized that it’s making a huge difference.  I have been making a lot of changes lately so it’s hard to know what to attribute to wheat, but the other night I had wheat macaroni for dinner, the first wheat meal in about a week, and it hit me like crack.  I wanted to keep eating the Macaroni, but I really wanted some bread.  I was jonesing HARD.

I’m no stranger to cravings, but lately they’ve been subsiding.  So while I realize this is an unscientific conclusion, I think maybe it’s time to kick the wheat.  I have 10 kg of flour unopened in my house that I’m going to take to the food bank and replace with non-wheat-flour.

I’ll make a post if I come to any real conclusion with regards to Wheat.  But be suspicious.  Either way, everything is good in moderation.