I need your input: Healthy snacks!

Hey Fitness peeps!

These last few weeks have taught me that I am failing when it comes to snacking.  So what are some things you keep on hand for when you’re feeling peckish?  How do you deal with the impulse to snack?  How do you indulge without feeling guilty?  When you do indulge how do you deal with the guilt?


16 thoughts on “I need your input: Healthy snacks!

  1. First off – I am a huge fan of snacking! And I like to think that I do it in a healthy manner so here’s hoping I can help 🙂 When you do indulge – try to do it in a smart way, such as with small serving sizes of high quality sweets like dark chocolate. And if you do over-indulge or eat something absolutely terrible for you – forgive yourself and move on. Don’t beat yourself up, you have to be kind with yourself and acknowledge the misstep and move forward.

    For snacking, I eat mostly fresh fruit (for example, today I brought an apple, and a handful of small clementines to work) and I keep something a little more non-perishable stashed at my desk (and at home) that I can go to in a pinch. Like a bag of nuts, or dried fruit, or a box of good-quality granola bars. You just want to make sure the snack is providing good nutrients like protein and fiber to your diet – not just empty carbs and sugar.

    I hope this helps! I know it was a big long winded…sorry about that!

    • Thanks for contributing! I have been trying to keep more fruits and veggies on hand but there is the issue of freshness – I have a terrible track record of forgetting about produce in my house until it turns to liquid!

      But I am getting better – I love oranges, and I have been making an effort to try 1 “new” fruit each time I go shopping. Last time was nectarines, and I don’t think I can be a regular nectarine guy.

      I love nuts, but I have trouble moderating my nut consumption!

      Great advice for trying to forgive and forget when it comes to “cheating” on the diet.

      • I used to be the same way! I lost so much produce that went bad – but I’m steadily getting better (not saying I don’t still lose some, haha!) I think it helps when certain produce becomes a habit. Like, I have a green smoothie for breakfast in the mornings so the ingredients for that (berries, banana, kale) never go bad because I’m using them up so quickly. I also check mid-week to see if stuff is going to go bad and then freeze what I can so that I can save it.

        I love the idea of trying one new fruit every time you shop – it’s a great way to challenge yourself and add new foods to your diet. I’ve been trying that with vegetables – since I’m not naturally inclined to eat them I have to force myself into it. And it’s getting better!

      • Kale!! I’m trying to eat kale but finding it difficult to work it in to my meals seamlessly…

        But I would love to work fruits/veggies into my nutrition routine. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough nutrients currently.

        Thanks for stopping by, and for the comments 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I’m a kale-aholic (lol!) so let me know if you ever want to chat about it. Good luck eating more fruits and veggies! I know it’s a challenge we all struggle with.

  2. High water snacks, especially vegetables. I find them more satisfying than fruit sometimes. Carrots and snap peas are the easiest to eat

    • Yeah, I love mini carrots and snap peas, but they always go bad in my fridge. Maybe if I portion them out into snack containers as soon as I buy them I’ll be more inclined to eat them.

      Watch My Fitness Pal and hopefully I’ll start including these into my snacks instead of doritos and kinder eggs 😛

  3. I find that when I eat several small meals throughout the day (5-6), I don’t “snack” as much. I try to get plenty of protein and some healthy fats in my diet, but if I want something that’s not so healthy I have a little bite and then try to fill up on water. Sometimes that helps. Nuts, fresh fruit, Larabars, and almond butter sandwiches are my favorite. As far as guilt? Don’t focus on the “mistakes” you’ve previously made, just try to make your next meal or snack healthier and don’t overdo it……..>>>>Healthy Journey!

    • 😜Ahhhhhh- I hate kale!! So don’t feel bad if you can’t get the hang of it. Lots of great snacks:
      -carrots and hummus,
      – apple w/ peanut butter or almond butter or PB2!!( fantastic PB substitute- it’s a powder form that you add water to- totally organic- get it at whole foods or health food stores) you can put all of the above on rice cakes, celery, apes- the protein will keep you full.
      -Hard boiled eggs
      -Fiber one brownies ( DELISH and only 90 calories)
      -Atkins “treats bars”- like 120 and Almost no carbs
      -half an avocado with salt & chili flakes
      – almonds
      – string cheese
      -pickles!!! 5 calories each – eat as many as you want! The crunch is very
      -whole grain low carb crackers with a laughing cow cheese wedge?! So good!! Add a tomato! Feels like an appetizer!
      – cottage cheese
      -Turkey slices
      -Turkey and cheese roll ups!

      I really could go on and on, till the list hits a million, but ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!

      I know sometimes you just don’t WANT FRUIT!!! So you gotta get creative!

      • I love it! Thanks for the input.

        I have been buying avocados but all I know how to use them for is guacamole! So it’s good to broaden my horizons. How do you keep the other half fresh if you’re goin for just half? 😛

        What’s your favorite peanut butter brand? What’s good in almond butter? I grew up with Kraft smooth but it’s pretty much sugar paste.

    • I know what you mean about avocados – I use them in everything but it’s still hard to only use half at a time (which I do a lot as a single person) – if you leave the pit in the half you want to save it helps keep it from going brown as quickly. Then put it in a ziplock bag with lemon juice and it should stay fresh for a day, maybe a day and a half. This works for me! 🙂

  4. It looks like you’re eating a lot of chips – it might help to try babysteps. Like, instead of Doritos eat whole grain goldfish or pop chips. Still not as good as veggies and hummus, for instance, but it’ll move you in the right direction!

    Good baby steps sweet snacks are low fat yogurts and snack size ice cream sandwiches.

    : Hi, My name is Kimberly, and I am a peanut butter addict. ITS LIKE CRACK TO ME. its one of my “trigger foods”, if you will. AS SOON AS I START, I LITERALLY cannot stop. ESPECIALLY JIF OR SKIPPY CRUNCHY. Holy hell…I’d probably turn tricks on the corner of 42nd and 10th if that shit was payment.

    HOWEVER: that delicious crack infused peanut butter IS NO LONGER ALLOWED, for that very reason. I’ve had to stop eating it A- because I literally can’t control myself when its around, and B-the sugar in it makes me start craving other sugary shit, so I have to just say no.

    SINCE THOUGH, I cannot live without peanut butter, I’ve found a few things:
    1-PB2, or there are a few other brands make this powder form I was telling you about. Basically, its just pressed peanuts (alllll of the oil has been pressed out of them)- into a powder. you re hydrate it with a little water ( likea tsp.) and VOILA!!! peanut butter!! it takes a little bit to get used to ANYYYYY natural form of peanut butter ( see:scary organic stuff in stores) Because you’re SOOOOO used to the taste of the sugary crack version. BUT THAT BEING SAID, this one is so good! AND THE BEST PART OF ALL (making it taste better too-) is that it has 45 calories, VS THE 180 THAT REG. PEANUT BUTTER HAS!!!! THROW A PARTY. I’LL WAIT.

    Almond butter, is delicious (again, less sweet, and less sticky texture.) the rave about it is, that you can get it raw , and the ONLY ingredient is RAW ALMONDS. its less fatty than peanuts, less sodium count, more protein, and just over all way better for you. ALL of that being said. It does have also 180 or 190 calories. So you’re not really saving much in that department, it just depends on WHAT KINDs of cals you wanna put into your body.

    Guac- while ONE OF MY DELISH GO TO FAVS, is NOT the only way to use avocados!!! You can literally put it on anything! add it in chunks, or thinly sliced to wraps, sandwiches, or eat it with eggs, on toast, on the side, make salads out of it- Like JUST: avocado, tomatoes, red onion. a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and you’re good to go! Add a white or black bean if you’re feeling CRAZY! there’s so many fantastic olive oil recipies. GET THEE TO GOOGLE. If you’re only going to eat half- eat the half without the ball (seed) first! The longer it stays with that wood looking thing in the middle, the longer it stays fresh. ( that’s a secret to keep the guac from browning too- throw the ball in!!) THEN, saran wrap the shit out of it, so you get no air in. If it oxidases, it turns brown. (ALSO, see one of my previous posts…they sell these little containers that LOOK like the vegetable you’re trying to save- ex: onion, red pepper, green pepper, garlic, etc) THEY MAKE AN AVOCADO SHAPED ONE. I SWEAR IT WORKS.

    You must think i’m fucking batshit, since I basically just wrote an entire blog entry IN YOUR COMMENTS SECTION hhahaha..but the truth is, i’m home from zumba, ate dinner and will do ANYTHING to keep my hands busy so they aren’t in turn, shoving shredded cheese straight from the bag into my face when i’m not looking. so at night, I like to get on here, read what everyone has to say, and comment. Also, telling you all this stuff I already know, is a GREAT REMINDER for me, of things I need to hear over and over in my head, like a drill!!


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