Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…….

SO I took a peek at last week’s goals, and neither went very well.  To my credit I did do better calorie-wise partially because I was swimming my calories away almost every day.

Here’s a summary of my swimming mileage last week:

  • Monday:  3.5km (120 lengths)
  • Tuesday: 2km (80 lengths)
  • Wedensday: Rode the bike for 30 minutes, sweat my butt off
  • Thursday: 5km (200 lengths)
  • Friday: 5km
  • Saturday 5km
  • Sunday 5km

Over the course of the week I swam 25km!  I’m very excited about that.  The motivation was a guys vs. girls swimming challenge where the goal was number of lengths swum.  My team lost, but I feel  like not for lack of effort on my part!  But swimming felt great, and swimming 5km is a great accomplishment.  When I was a kid swimming competitively we always had one day a year that was “Swim-a-thon” and we would do 5km.  My best time was finishing in 1hr and 25min, which I came close to on a couple of days this week.

Swimming is awesome and doing it for 90+ minutes earned me lots of calories, so I ate big last week.  I was a little bit worried that I was priming my appetite to want more and more food so that when I wasn’t swimming so much this week I would over eat.  Luckily that didn’t happen.

And my calorie deficit from last week was over 1000 calories, so it perfectly makes up for my bad week last week.

This morning I hit 233.8 lbs which is an awesome weigh-in.  I did some brief research and realized that I haven’t been this light since before 2010.  Which I didn’t really realize.  Looking back at the numbers I realized that I’ve been yo-yoing between 240 and 260 for three whole years at least.  Here I was thinking that I had gradually gained from 200 to 260 over the last 5 years.  Really between 2009 and 2010 I inflated from a slim 200 to 240 and from there it was on to yo-yo country.

The take away from this realization is that I just need to keep at it this time.  Even when I hit my goal weight of 188lbs (to finally for the first time since Grade 3 have a “normal” BMI) I need to keep tracking calories and weight.

There’s some other interesting data that I’ll be posting in the next couple of days around my BMI decrease so far as well as my body fat composition.  What can I say? I love metrics!

I also hope to do some before/after photos just of my face because it’s amazing how much it’s slimmed down already.  But every time I sit down to do it I feel like a bit of a narcissist so if I can get through it without feeling too self absorbed I will.

Thanks for reading, and happy fitness!


One thought on “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming…….

  1. Oh man I forgot how much I loved that part of Finding Nemo (I used to chant it in my head during swim team practice). Just the thing to cheer me up on this blue day, thanks!


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