Lethargy. How do you stay motivated?

My last few workouts have felt rather uninspiring. Add to the fact that I’m not dropping lbs as I had hoped, I’m starting to feel lost, overwhelmed, and lethargic.

When I get to my workout I can’t seem to get in the zone. I love the feeling where your brain just kind of relaxes and your body takes over, your mind almost meditating. That’s the best workout feeling ever. I can’t seem to get in that zone which is frustrating in itself.

I don’t know what the cause is. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep. Maybe I need to eat more nutritious food instead of simply calorie counting. If I figure it out I will post about it.

How do you get in the zone? How do you snap out of a spell of de-motivation?


3 thoughts on “Lethargy. How do you stay motivated?

  1. Work out with a friend so you can chat, sign up for a walk/run/race so you have a concrete short term goal, try a new exercise class (zumba, yoga, etc.)

  2. Just keep remembering why you workout. What do you get with a workout that you can’t get with anything else? And what is the workout going to lead to? If it is weight issues (I am assuming based on your post and the website’s title), remind yourself where you want to be and how worth it that will be.


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