Got to the gym: No headphones!! Disaster! Do you rely on your headphones to pass the time?

I got to the gym this morning only to realize that I had left my headphones on my bedside table.  So much for the queue of podcasts I had ready for distracting my mind while on the exercise bike.

I’ve been loving podcasts lately, and working out has been a great excuse to spend some time indulging in them.  Forgetting my headphones today wasn’t a huge deal, as I had a case study to read for class to distract me.

What do you do at the gym to stay inspired?  Do you listen to podcasts?  Pump-up music?  Or do you like the purity of gym-style ambiance, with the whooshing of the cardio machines, and top 40s hits being played softly over the din of casual gym conversations?  What do you do when you forget your headphones?


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