Man, brunch is a beast!  Everyone loves brunch, but I’m trying to lose weight here.

I have had brunch in the last two weeks and it has been as educational as it has been calorie intensive.  Both instances I was very conscious about what went on my plate.  I held back.  Were I not trying to lose weight, man would that buffet had suffered.

On my first foray into brunch this month here is what my meal looked like:


Total Calories: 1,031

Wow!  That’s a lot of calories for one meal.  Especially when I felt like I really held back.  I mean, who wouldn’t want an ENTIRE plate of waffles, and an ENTIRE plate of eggs and sausage and beef and potatoes PLUS fruit PLUS dessert?  I’m salivating.  Brunch buffets are like Hotel California.  “This could be heaven or this could be hell”.

Determined to learn from my mistakes, I vowed to be smarter the second time around.  I would avoid Eggs Benedict. I would fill up on vegetables.  I would try to avoid “throw away” calories on things I don’t really want.  Here’s how it looked:


Total Calories: 1,375


Brunch is hard.

What I did differently though in the second instance, was I didn’t eat breakfast before hand, whereas on the first day I had eaten a 500 calorie meal of oatmeal and banana. So although I ate 300 calories more on day 2, I ended up much more favorable in the net-calories department at the end of the day.

A weird quirk of dieting is that although I’m at a net calorie deficit at the end of each day I’m actually starting to feel less hungry than when I was eating 3500 calories a day and not even caring.  It’s funny how life in moderation can end up being more satisfying.

Happy dieting, friends!

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