There’s been increased attention to wheat.  More and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease, or an intolerance for gluten.  But is wheat in general healthy?

I got a new book as a gift from my dad who has gone on his own crusade.  Wheat Belly, by William Davis, M.D. argues that wheat has become unhealthy due to generations of genetically modified wheat.  You can read more about Wheat Belly here: http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/

I started to cut back on wheat, without making a concerted effort, and I realized that it’s making a huge difference.  I have been making a lot of changes lately so it’s hard to know what to attribute to wheat, but the other night I had wheat macaroni for dinner, the first wheat meal in about a week, and it hit me like crack.  I wanted to keep eating the Macaroni, but I really wanted some bread.  I was jonesing HARD.

I’m no stranger to cravings, but lately they’ve been subsiding.  So while I realize this is an unscientific conclusion, I think maybe it’s time to kick the wheat.  I have 10 kg of flour unopened in my house that I’m going to take to the food bank and replace with non-wheat-flour.

I’ll make a post if I come to any real conclusion with regards to Wheat.  But be suspicious.  Either way, everything is good in moderation.


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