I fell off the wagon… For a long time… Again.
But I’m back on, and I’ve found new motivation.

In the past I’ve set unrealistic goals, I broke the Fitness tip #3. I would expect to be able to go from sedentary to athlete, with the idea of working out for hours a day, every day. I would expect that I’d be able to get under my calorie target by 300 or 400 calories.
It’s great to think big, but in my case it hurt my success. Every time I missed a workout, I felt like throwing my arms up in the air and saying “FAILURE”. Every time I went over my calorie goal by 100 or 200 calories, I gave up and stopped journalling.
I went on for months gaining weight. I got pretty close to my lifetime max (brief history when I was 17 I was 285 lbs and was able to lose 90 lbs in a year). I got depressed.
I went to a counselor, and he said “you’re depressed.” Thanks. Then he said “you know, 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week is as effective as pharmaceutical anti depressants.”
It didn’t hit me right away, but I started exercising, and I noticed that it was true. When I exercised I would feel happy for days.
That wasn’t enough to get me back on the wagon, but being armed with the knowledge that working out makes me happy, and more importantly staves off the depression, stayed in the back of my mind.

I know weight loss is day to day. I can’t be sure that I will go all the way this time. But I am being realistic and I’m feeling very good.

Let’s hope I can get there. So far I’m down 11 lbs and I’ve got 50 to go.

Hang in there party people. We can do this.


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